How to Install Electric Dog Fences

The installation of electric dog fence is not a daunting task. You have to prepare and use your creativity during the process. Your neighbors would be glad to know that you keep your pet inside your yard and using invisible fences will be the suitable one for an open yard. If it is your first time to use these fences or you do not have any idea how to install it, then you have to follow certain directions. However, you should also need to take note some considerations before you proceed on the installation process.

How do Electric Dog Fences Work?

Prior to think about the installation process, you should be aware how these fences work. These dog fencing have small wire that is buried along the portions where you do not like the dog to cross like the boundaries of the yard or your garden. From the cable, the radio signal will be transmitted towards the receiver placed on the collar your dog. As your pet comes close to the underground wire, the dog will hear the sound and when it keeps on going nearer the fence, the dog will receive a slight static shock. This sensation will lead your dog back on where it should be. This would not cause pain on your dog.

Find Out the Best Area to Install the Fences

You should consider the area where you would like to place these fences. Also, take note of the area that will be covered by these. Make a plan and choose the right part of your yard. You should make sure that the covered area would be enough for your pet as well.

Make a Layout for Your Electric Dog Fences

When you are already finished in defining the in-bounds with the out-bounds, you need to make a sketch or layout for the fencing process in a sheet of paper that includes your house. This would be based on your actual plan for the appearance of your yard.

Find Out the Exact Amount of Cable Required

You should determine the exact total of cable you need to use for the fence. In this way, you are sure that everything will be fine and there are no possible problems that may arise.

Buy the Fence and Extra Wires You Require

Nowadays, the market has different brands of electric dog fences so you have lots of options to choose from. Finding the best one might be confusing thus, you should compare the brands available when it comes to features, prices, and how they work to find out which would be the suitable option for you.

Once you have the required materials in making electric dog fences, you may now proceed on following the instructions given below:

How to Install the Electric Dog Fences

  1. Follow the directions provided in the package – you will be able to install the fence properly when you follow the steps given package. You may also read the manual first to know if there are some specific instructions.
  2. Lay out the wires based on your plan – before you bury the wires, you should make a sign for the location of fence using the flags. These are small and brightly colored ones used by the surveyors or work crews. These flags will show you where the wires must be placed.
  3. Connect the system – most electric dog fences have a single wire yet you may need to create splices. If you are not familiar with this job, you must look for an electrician and splice the cables altogether then connect them on the system.
  4. Install the electric dog fences transmitter – this piece is the responsible one for transmitting the audio signals that goes along the cable and it keeps the animal away from crossing the limitations. It must be installed beside the power outlet inside the secured area like garage and workshop.
  5. Test the electric dog fences system – when the system is functioning well, you may disconnect the energy. If problems arise, you should follow the troubleshooting instructions provided by the company.
  6. Bury the wire on the provided depth – depending on the model, the depth must be from 1 up to 6 inches under the ground. This will help in preventing damage to occur on the wiring while ensuring that a persistent flow of energy is distributed by the wires.  After digging the trenches, you should put the wire on the trench carefully to avoid wire breakage and disruption of splices.
  7. Train the dog – when you are already finished in installing the electric dog fences, you should focus on training your pet. Place the training collar on your dog then lead it towards the direction where the flags are placed. Once the dog reaches the place, it will hear the sound and it will cause static reaction on the dog’s body that will make it run away from the flags. The correction provided is just mild and the dog may not notice it for once yet this will become stronger enough once the dog gets nearer on the fence.

Dogs that are clever will run away from there when they notice the correction after hearing the warning sound. You should give a reward on your dog once it does well. You should pursue on teaching the dog until it learns and understand that flags are the correction. When they realize the sound and correction, flags could be removed. Each dog would be different when it comes to training yet if you are patient and consistent, you will just notice that the training will be successful. For extensive DIY dog fence installation instructions, visit this site.

The main reason why electric dog fences are made is to protect the dog against harm. Since the dog is protected, it cannot escape from the open yard to wander. As it was said before that you have lots of choices to select from, you should make sure that the fence you will choose from the available brands of electric dog fences is the suitable one. Look for popular brands of electric dog fences through online.


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prescribe the right medication for your dog
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